Video Content – An Essential for Personal Branding

Video is an extremely effective way to communicate your personal brand message online. Videos are only becoming more popular, and they’re the type of content that’s most likely to get shared on social media.

Show Your Human Side

Why is this form of content so effective? Videos give you the chance to show your human side. The viewer can actually see your face and hear your tone of voice. Video allows you to make your message highly distinctive and personal, which is a huge advantage in branding.

Offer Your Audience Solutions

You can take issues your target market faces and use your expertise to offer a solution, just like all your other content. All you have to do is pick a good location, set up a camera, and talk directly to the audience. Explain how to do things, share tips, and, wherever possible, show them how it’s done with demos and examples.

Share Your Story

A great way to use video for personal branding is to share your story. Make a video bio where you explain why you started your business and how you got to where you are today. Talk about the challenges you overcame or the solution you found. If your audience is suffering from the same issues, they’ll relate to this and it’ll work wonders for your brand.

Make Important Announcements

Whenever you have some exciting news, make a video to share it with your audience. Introduce new products or services. Announce a milestone you’ve finally achieved. Highlight big changes in your business. Your viewers will be able to see your enthusiasm and it’ll be infectious.

Answer Viewer Questions

There are several ways you can leverage your audience’s concerns to create video content. One way is to read their questions “on the air.” Make videos where you take real questions you’ve gotten through email or social media and answer them for everyone. Another idea is to read viewer tweets or social media posts and comment on them.

Get Your Audience Involved

You can get your followers involved even more directly by inviting them to make their own videos, which you’ll then share with everyone. They can make testimonials about you and your products, explaining how you’ve helped them. This is valuable social proof. Another idea is to ask them for their own ideas on solving problems.

Interview an Expert

Another idea for excellent video content is to find an influencer or expert in your niche and interview them. This is an easy way to produce high-value content, and you can return the favour by appearing in their marketing, thus creating a win-win.

Where to Share Your Video

Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are hugely popular and rank highly in search engines. Create your own channel and encourage your followers to subscribe. They’ll get to know you, which will help spread your personal brand.

Since video content plays so well on social media, also post to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each platform has its own guidelines for length, so make sure you know these ahead of time.

Video Content – Just Plug and Play

Video production doesn’t have to be elaborate. Once you’ve made a few simple videos, you’ll get the hang of it. The ideal video length is between two and five minutes. Get into a routine of regular production and publication, and you’ll see a boost in your audience engagement and personal brand.

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